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Hair Salon Shawlands

Choosing the right hair salon for you can seem problematic – where do you start?!

As a leading hair salon in Shawlands, we have the answer. And it involves taking four steps…

#1 Recommendations and Reputation

Your hair is your ‘crowning glory’. You want it to look fantastic, all the time. You want a style and cut that suits your hair type and your face shape.

You want a style that easy for you to maintain in-between salon visits. You want the colour that brings out your skin tone and makes you feel fantastic, chic and stylish.

A hair stylist is judge by results and so when a stylist gets it wrong, it is a major concern. But if a hair salon keeps getting it wrong, you know there is something amiss.

That’s why asking friends and family which hair salon in Shawlands they would recommend. And from what our customers tell us, we would be top of the list!

#2 Price Isn’t Everything

When your budget is under pressure, it can be tempting to find a ‘budget hair salon’. The problem with this quick service is that there is very little in the way of consultation.

It can mean important aspects of creating a fantastic style for men or women is that the basics are forgotten. If you focus solely on price, you will get a result for your purse or wallet but possibly not the haircut you want.

We offer a fantastic range of services, from restyles to conditioning treatment, using quality branded products from leading hair product manufacturers. More importantly, we have some of the most experienced and skilled hair stylists around.
And, all this is at an affordable price too.

#3 Book a Consultation Appointment

When thinking of a re-style or meeting your stylist for the first time, it is really important they get to know you, your likes and dislikes, wants and needs when it comes to your hair.

For example, do you spend a lot of time styling your hair? Or do you prefer the ‘wash and go’ routine? Do you want a block colour or the latest trend in dyed hair?

There are so many questions which is why booking a consolation appointment at our hair salon in Shawlands is a great idea. Book online or call our team on 0141 636 6663.

#4 A Great Service

And finally, once you have all three basic factors in place, you will have found the perfect hair salon in Shawlands for you, your hair and your budget.

We offer a fantastic range of styling and conditioning treatments for ladies, gents and children. Why not book your appointment today?


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    Full range of ladies hair treatments that you would expect from a modern hair salon.

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    Full range of gents hair treatments that you would expect from a modern hair salon.

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    Full range of children hair treatments that you would expect from a modern hair salon.

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“Got my hair and make up done absolutely loved it highly recommend and staff are lovely will defo be back”CLARE SMITH